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Death Valley In 1849 - The Luck of the Gold Rush Emigrants by John Southworth

"An intensely interesting and informative unraveling of some of the mysteries of the legendary Death Valley '49ers. .....An excellent addition to the library of historian or armchair reader delving into the fascinating story of the gold rush emigrants who blundered into Death Valley on their fateful 'short cut' to California's Mother Lode."

George Koenig, Past President, The Death Valley '49ers

132 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers Publication #14.
ISBN: 1-889243-56-6 $13.00  


Death Valley Tales - Chapters from the
drama-crammed past of the Death Valley National Park
 by Ten Authors

This publication has been in print since 1955, but in this newly updated edition the work of fiction, "Hungry Bill Talks" has been removed because all the other stories are true.

 "When Death Valley Took Its First Toll"  has been replaced with the story of John Rogers, which covers the same material. And we added Mrs. Juliette Briers account of her trek through the desert in 1849-50 and Russ Journigan's remembrances  from 1930s and 1940s.  

74 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers publication #03

ISBN: 0-912494-40-9   $6.95  OUT OF STOCK



Goodbye, Death Valley! The Tragic 1849 Jayhawker Trek by L. Burr Belden

This work traces the largest of several parties who became mired in Death Valley during December 1849. Two members of this party, Jayhawkers, kept diaries of their trip which have been preserved. They were consulted by the author along with a scrapbook and numerous letters kept by the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. This publication also includes a list of Jayhawkers.

68 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers publication #04




A Naturalist's Death Valley by Dr. Edmund Jaeger

A Naturalist's Death Valley is a primer to help the thousands of admiring visitors to Death Valley National Park get a general picture of wild flowers, trees, shrubs, reptiles, birds, insects, mammals, fossils and Native Americans. 

Dr. Edmund C. Jaeger was a nationally known naturalist who authored many books on the flora & fauna of California.

76 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers publication #05

ISBN: 0-936932-04-X




50 Years In Death Valley, Memoirs of a Borax Man by Harry P. Gower

"A collection of reminiscence and anecdotes of the Death Valley area between 1909 and 1960. Mr. H. P. (Harry) Gower was not only a resident but had a major influence on the course of events in the region during those years."

-Dean Lemon, Life Director, The Death Valley '49ers

"Harry P. Gower was not just a spectator but often a prime mover in events in Death Valley. Surveying for railroads, routing claim jumpers, and managing a pioneer resort hotel." 

-L. Burr Belden, Past President, The Death Valley '49ers

164 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers publication #09

$7.95   OUT OF STOCK!



Louis Nusbaumer (1819-1878), was a German immigrant that left New York City in March, 1849, traveled to Independence, Missouri and there began his trip overland with William Lewis Manly and John Rogers to California.

This is the story of his journey, which was kept in two small notebooks, recovered in 1966, illustrated throughout with drawings, photos and maps. Made available here by the Death Valley ‘49ers Organization.


84 pages, soft cover. DV '49ers publication #11

ISBN: 0-912494-13-1




Death Valley Tailings - Rarely Told Tales of old Death Valley by George Koenig
Recaptured within these pages are stories that will help you to turn back the clock, and relive the historic past.
This is a definitely different collection of Death Valley tales. Each provide a more complete picture of one of the most fascinating areas and eras of the Old West.
Subjects discussed include, missing 1849 Death Valley Argonauts, gold and silver hunters, explorers, map makers and inscriptions left on rock.

132 pages (soft cover), 144 pages (hard cover). 
DV '49ers publication #13

ISBN: 0-930704-22-3 Reprint - Soft Cover    $5.00

ISBN: 0-930704-23-1 1st Ed. - Hard Cover   $7.50