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Robert Whipple

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November 4th-10th, 2019


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NPS Centennial Keepsake Book

"The Passionate Creation of

the National Park Service"

by Historical Reenactor Steve Hale

of Comstock Characters


"Death Valley - A Winter's Journey"

by Jackie Keller

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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Death Valley '49ers organization relies upon its members and the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide needed support for our programs and operations.  Please join us in preserving Death Valley's rich past for the future by making a contribution today.

When you donate to the Death valley '49ers, your gift will help support us in our efforts to:

  • Expand public awareness of Death Valley and its environs.
  • Foster appreciation of Death Valley as a rare desert environment. 
  • Provide college scholarships to students from the Death Valley area.
  • Promote the history of the 1849-50 California bound Death Valley wagon train.
  • Produce the annual Death Valley '49ers Encampment.
  • Provide funding for Death Valley National park improvement projects.
  • Provide funding for Death Valley educational programs.

Your contribution will directly support our organization and will be applied where most urgently needed. Thank you for your contribution! 

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