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Historic & Educational Programs

Educational Talks

The Death Valley National Park Superintendent and NPS Park Rangers present interesting and informative programs during the Encampment. Come hear about all the good things happening in Death Valley National Park and learn more about the history and present day initiatives of the park.


Historical Character Reenactments by Steve Hale

During the 2017 Encampment, Steve will portray Albert M. Johnson, the multi-millionaire insurance executive who invested in Walter Scott's Death Valley gold mine.  After the infamous "Battle of Wingate Pass" hoax in 1906, all the investors pulled out except Johnson.  Ultimately, instead of gold, he found an unlikely companion in the person of "Death Valley Scotty". It was desert rat Scotty who introduced him to the spell of the wilderness and intrigue of the Death Valley desert.

Chicagoans Albert and Bessie Johnson built what ironically has become known as "Scotty's Castle". The desert climate in Death Valley invigorated Johnson’s health and spirit as did the enduring friendship the Johnsons developed with Scotty under the Death Valley desert skies. Scotty's longwinded tales entertained and captivated the Johnsons and their guests for years. The Johnsons created the iconic Castle and larger than life Scotty ensured their place as iconic figures of the settlement of the early American West.

Steve Hale brings historic characters to life in costume and first person. He has introduced audiences to John "Snowshoe" Thompson, The Great Pathfinder General John C. Fremont, and the creator and 1st Director of the National Park Service Stephen T. Mather. You will be entertained while learning the compelling stories of the prominent figures who influenced the settling of the west and shaped the history of the Death Valley region.


Video & Slide Presentations

Producer and Writer/Director Ted Faye presents his Weird Tales series of films; taking you on a journey into Death Valley's stange side. You can also learn about the famed Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad in his film The Great Railroad Race.