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Robert Whipple

2018 President

Down the Trail




Heritage and Music Festival

November 4th-11th, 2018

General Meeting

After Encampment:

November 11, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

Auditorium in

Furnace Creek Visitor Center



~ ~Over Herd~ ~


NPS Centennial Keepsake Book

"The Passionate Creation of

the National Park Service"

by Historical Reenactor Steve Hale

of Comstock Characters


"Death Valley - A Winter's Journey"

by Jackie Keller

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The Water Hole


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The Death Valley '49ers organization has been publishing Death Valley history since its founding and we remain committed to this vital part of our mission. In 1949, in an effort to archive Death Valley history and increase appreciation for its many historically significant people, places, and events, the Death Valley '49ers launched a publications program. This program initially consisted of Keepsake booklets about various topics ranging from the 1949 Centennial Celebration to transcribed 1849er journals and the history of Borax.

During the decade following its founding, the Death Valley '49ers published its first scholarly Books about the Jayhawkers, Manly party, and others who traveled through Death Valley in 1849. Soon we broadened our scope by publishing our first book about Death Valley's natural environment, Dr. Edmund Jaeger's publication #5 A Naturalist's Death Valley. Since that time, more than 10 books and 50 keepsakes have been published by the Death Valley '49ers.

We further expanded our publications program by launching Death Valley News, a semi-annual news magazine filled with information about your fellow '49ers, the upcoming encampment and other Death Valley related topics.

The Death Valley '49ers organization remains as committed to publishing Death Valley history today as it did when it produced its first volume nearly 60 years ago.

Keepsake publications are provided as part of your membership to the Death Valley '49ers. Visit our Membership and Benefits page to learn more about our organization and how to become a member.