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Southwest Mining, Mineral, Lapidary and Craft Show

The "Southwest Mining, Mineral, Lapidary and Craft Show" is held at Furnace Creek Ranch during the annual Death valley '49ers Encampment.

The compelling beauty of the National Park, and the fortunate union of the Death Valley '49ers, National Park professionals and the Xanterra staff (formally Fred Harvey) are unique. Premier western artists, musicians, and other features of this famous Encampment have drawn worldwide appreciative audiences since 1949.  A Show of Exhibitors of a selected variety and western appeal, the "Southwest Show" will include Mining, Mineral and lapidary, wood items, and arts and crafts items.

Only original handmade/machinery made work will be for sale in the booths. Each Vendor will be carefully selected for quality of work and variety.

Each day, Monday thru Saturday, at 10:00am one of the crafters will put on a demonstration of their craft. This will be done in their own booth.

Encampment activities are located at Furnace Creek Ranch, the Park Visitor Center, and Furnace Creek Inn. The spacious National Park easily accommodates the thousands of people drawn to attend the events and to enjoy the beauty of the deep valley and high mountains.

Dowload Info, Application, and Waiver Forms as PDF documents:

  Artisan Show Information 2017

  Artisan Application 2017

  Artisan Waiver 2017

  Artisan Camping Information

  Artisan Show Booth Spaces

  Artisan Booth Assignments



Show Dates: Open Monday, Nov.6th - Sunday, Nov. 12th, 2017

Show Time: Open daily from 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M., except the last day (Sunday Nov.9th) when the Show closes at 12:00 P.M.


General Info for Vendors

Exhibit Fee: $160.00 (Registration Space Fee $100.00 plus a non-refundable Death Valley '49ers Membership Fee of $60.00).

Exhibit Space: 10 ft. X 10 ft (Additional 10 ft. X 10 ft. space is $100.00 each. Please indicate requirements)

There is limited space. Category of the same type of artisan will be limited.

Exhibitors provide all required equipment for showing: tent, table, chairs, standing walls, hangers etc. No commission is charged on sales, although we require an estimate of sales/prices at the end of the show for evaluation and suggestions.

Camping: RV parking (dry camping) is available for vendors.

The vendor show is set up in the outdoor portion of the Furnace Creek Ranch Borax Museum during the Death Valley 49ers Encampment. In this area, on display, are various pieces of old machinery and equipment used in Death Valley in years past. All this provides a perfect setting for our "Southwest Mining, Mineral, Lapidary and Craft Show".

This beautiful area called Furnace Creek Resort Ranch supports and participates in the annual Death Valley 49ers Encampment in November, located within 3,000,000 acres called Death Valley National Park.

We are looking for exhibitors/vendors of mining materials, minerals, lapidary, arts and craft, etc. of western appearance and flavor that will set the stage for this unique Show to be exciting and grow for many years to come.


Originality of products and finished product: Please describe your work, continue on the back of the application when necessary and enclose pictures.

No foreign imports. Please call on any question you may have.

Please note: each Exhibitor is responsible for California sales tax. The forms are free and are available at the State Board of Equalization Office in any large city.

For more information contact:

Mentie Hazelett
PO Box 307
Dagget, CA 92327-0307

Email the Craft Show Chair